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About us - If our customer is happy, we are happy

UK London Private Hire Car Chauffeurs at A Glance

About UKLPH Limited

UK London Private Hire Chauffeurs was customized to provide professional chauffeur services and stylish cars in London to clients. UKLPH promises the best services because we don’t let anyone down, and have a recognized record of fulfilling the client’s expectations and indeed we are trying to endeavor all expectations every times. This is our simple belief: If our customer is happy, we are happy.

A Word from The CEO

At UK London private hire chauffeurs, we strive to deliver remarkable customer services and the pleasing chauffeur experience for the most relaxed and business travel. Our aim is to keep the prestige of the word “Executive Chauffeur” at its best place and become a statement of London’s best Chauffeurs. Professionalism is at the focal point of our private company.

At UK London Private Hire Chauffeurs, we have maintained our reputation on the foundation of our services and we are very serious regarding the services we provide to our respected customers and clients. Our philosophy is life is a continuous journey, and our profession is to make your every journey matter!" - Mr. M S SHAH

Company Vision

UK London Private Hire Chauffeurs has objective to achieve the best chauffeurs company in London. UKLPH’s goal is to unlock company’s great prospective, our services makeus trimmer, more responsive and more approachable organization. UKLPH is of approach that customers are top priority and delivering them best of services is our core mission.

By working in an organized way, UKLPH has made a great impact for customers, associates and communities. By working in coordinationregularly in effective way and always delivering according to our customers’ expectations, UKLPH have built the perfect private chauffeur company for the customers and communities we assist.

Why chooseUK London Private Hire Chauffeur services?

  • Why Choose Us

    UK London Private Hire Chauffeurs put their clients on top priority. UKLPH understand hiring a chauffeured vehicle is bit tricky when you can’t tangibly see it, especially expecting a company to provide you services you want when you have no experience with them. With courteous and experienced chauffeurs, associated with the best hands in the business UK Wide, all allied to provide you an experience to rejoice.

  • Clients

    UK London will look after about rational care to avoid ambiguous and confusing statements, concealment, and overemphasis in all of its promotions and public statements. We look for building long term establishments with our customers and clients by treating them withtruthful and upfront dealings every time. We admire the privacyof any information that wefind in relation to our customers.

  • Ethical Policy

    UK London Private Hire chauffeur supposes and demands that our business units including our employees and Directors practice their business and accomplish their duties with the highest ethical standards and in acquiescence with all legal moralities. This customary performance is maintained in the company’s relations with employees and patrons.This is the reason our customers return to us when they need services.

  • General Principles

    UKLPH company and its employees will make evident the best levels of honesty, faithfulness, and morality in accordance tosustain both personal and company reputations and to encourage confidence and faith in their actions. We conduct our professionaldealings in a proficient, reasonable, neutral, and efficient manner.

  • Environment

    UK London Chauffeurs esteems the environment and the necessity to protect it and lessen the influence its operations have on it. It is involved in a program of upgrading all cars and environmental concerns.Employees are provided a friendly place of work and the company will not endure any kind of provocation.

  • Employees

    All employees are given self-esteem and respect with equal employment opportunities which is provided to all irrespective of any discrimination according to their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital status, family status, disability, age, or origin.

Our Client Portfolio

Our clients and customers belong from all walks of life, among them one thing in common. The requisite for classic chauffeur service. And that’s the reason they cling to us is because we provide standard service includingcivility, efficiency, anexceptional fleet, all with the luxury of booking with us.

UK London chauffeurs are honored to serve a number of business. We have a dedicated client base which encloses VIP individuals, UK & overseas business officials, and music producers. As a company, we are devoted to serve the community in humanitarian aspect. We recurrently work with charities contributing our services to high profile events.

Client Relations

UK London private hire Chauffeurs really care about clients and their needs. UKLPH understands your time is valuable and we strive to lessen the time spent in traveling for better management of your all-important plans. Success comes with a duteous approach to the planning and then implementation of complex schedules and busy timetables, with trustworthy attention given to every detail. As UK London Chauffeurs clients mandate is excellence and we provide services which are nothing less than perfection. Our reputation forgood organization comes from our aptitude to always stay one step ahead.

Fully Skilled, Licensed and Qualified chauffeurs
First class Private Service
The best Services for the Paid Money

Our Commitment to our Clients

UK London Chauffeurs customers mandate is excellence and we provide services which are nothing less than perfection. Our reputation for good organization comes from our aptitude to always stay one step ahead.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Complete Effectiveness and Reliability

Total Pleasure and Confidentiality

Always Prompt and Focused

An exceptional range of Chauffeur vehicles

  • Every car is orderly presented to showroom standard
  • A cooperative team of people that will always drive an extra mile for you
  • A comprehensive understanding of the requirement of PA’s and EA’s and the gravities they have to work with.
  • Online hiring service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Simple and conventional booking and billing

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